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VW Demo Cars

VW demo cars are vehicles that are brought into the dealership new and used for test-drives by our customers. They come with very low mileage, are well looked after and offer true Volkswagen quality. Browse the full range of VW demo cars that we have for sale below. Once you have found your favourite demo vehicle, we encourage you to give us a call We will happily answer all your VW demo questions. Even if you have any concerns, we will make sure to address them. From there, we will organise a demo car test drive. Experiencing a VW demo car for yourself is the best way to learn if the specific model that you have chosen is right for you.

We recommend demo vehicles as they are a fantastic alternative to new cars for many reasons. They often come at an excellent price for a top range model, they usually have a nice variety of extras and the manufacturer warranty is available for many of them. Choosing a VW demo car is a great way to live the VW life at a reduced price point. If you can’t find the ideal demo vehicle on this page, please come back later as we add new VW demo cars fairly frequently. For brand-new cars, please visit our new VW cars page.

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