Hoopers - School-Days Market Partner

Hoopers Partners with School-Days TrustEd Programme

Hoopers has joined a Market Partners Schooldays programme! What is School-Days?

By shopping and using the services of Market Partners, School-Days™ coupons are earned.
These coupons are accumulated into what are referred to as a School-Days™ Bursary which can be used towards paying for future days of school.


Your School-Days™account can even been linked to family members from Aunts and Uncles to Grandparents even friends and all points will go towards your child.




Hoopers knows the value of investing in the future and is currently the one and only vehicle dealership that is a Market Partner of School-Days™. School-Days™ points can be earned on any Mastercar ,Used or New vehicle purchase and put towards your child's future. It's simple, all you have to do is the following;



  1. Click the below image to register with School-Days™
  2. SMS “Hoopers and you're invoice number” to 43366

It's that simple. Now you can help secure your child's future by simply shopping at School-Days™ Market Partners and Hoopers


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